Friday, January 15, 2010

The story thus far

I have been a "part time" craft for quite some time. I have experimented with beads, tried my hand at quilting (with many a disaster I can assure you!), and I sew quite well, but have always been interested by papercraft.
I started out making cards for Birthdays and Christmas. Using what ever materials I could get my hands on, I would make little tags for gifts, etc. It wasnt until I went to the Brisbane Papercraft Expo in 2009 that I got seriously into Papercraft.
My mum and I took my heavily pregnant sister, Kathy, to the Expo, mostly to try to get that baby moving! Kathy had been scrapbooking for a little while, baby pictures of her first little one, Emilia, and the like. She convinced me to give it a try and while at the expo, got my first taste of all the beautiful papers and embelishments and ribbons and rub ons that one can buy. I was HOOKED!
It wasnt long before I started going to crop nights at Discover Scrapbooking in Rothwell. I have called upon Robyn's knowledge and expertise MANY times now! I eventually dragged my sister, Laura, along to the crops as well. I dont know if we get much scrapbooking done, but we certainly have an enjoyable evening!

One of my first scrapbook pages, "camp out". My own template. I've used Midnight blue cardstick, Yellow fibre paper, and camping emblishments from creative imagination (i think!).

I eventually went to classes and I went to a whole day workshop. I'll post pics from those a little later. I'm sure my darling husband, Tim, gets very tired of me waffling on about all the latest and greatest things I have discovered in my "papercraft journey", but he always says, "gees, that looks great!', or "you're very clever darling". And I am almost certain he gets tired of me spending money down at the craft shop! HA HA! I keep reminding him, "We want to remember these things when we are older!" or "We have something to show our children and our grandchildren". Works every time... Love you Tim!

It was after a few months that I started to hear about this thing called a Cricut. I did some investigating online and spoke to a few people about it and I just HAD to have one. I now have a Cricut Create AND a Cuttlebug (ProvoCraft -, but more on how AWESOME that is later.

I have done alot of scrapbooking last year, and this year I intend on doing alot more! I have set myself a goal to finish the wedding album this year (only a couple of years behind...) and I am also taking part in the "Circle of Friends" album at Discover Scrapbooking.

Heres to a successful 2010!

Happy crafting,


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  1. Hey your really into the whole scrapbooking thing! no wonder my clock was so awesome!!! :D see now tim wont have to listen to you waffle so much about paper, you can share it with the blog world :D